Stackray gives you the master key to many locks

By offering you an easy, quick and non-invasive way to document and explore your entire system Stackray powers solutions to many key problems plaguing companies today.

Whether you want to shine a light on a 3rd party system for a spot evaluation of risk factors or use it every day as part of your DevOps strategy, Stackray helps you cut risk, cost and downtime every step of the way.


IT Audits & Due Diligence

Deep software architecture assessments that drive action


Software due diligence today generally involves sending technical consultants out to interview staff, do code reviews and gather documents over a few days. The depth and precision of these engagements is inevitably quite low because of the time allotted, and traditional discovery tools are unable to help much given the time to implement.

Stackray gives IT due diligence analysts a massive advantage by offering them a quick, easy to implement way to capture the entire software architecture of systems they’re analyzing. Instead of relying on high-level management opinions about how things work they talk details, facts and figures.


Root-Cause Analysis

Turbocharged root-cause analysis that ties changes to behavior


Analyzing the root causes of system problems today often involves gathering expensive staff in war rooms, grok’ing log files and scribbling whiteboard drawings. Simple outages can be solved with the help of monitoring tools, but complex ones often go unresolved.

Stackray allows you to not only see every change you make in their architectural context automatically, but gives you a historical record of those changes that can be paired with metrics and events. By enabling you to tie structural changes to behavioral activity you can suddenly see cause and effect in ways never before possible.


Risk & Compliance

Continuous mapping of personal information for GDPR & beyond


Staying on top of how your company stores and processes personal information is a constant battle. GDPR, HIPAA and similar compliance standards don’t care if you once knew where & how personal records were stored — you need to always know, and you need to know how they’re processed and who has access to those processing environments.

Stackray allows you to quickly discover, tag and track change across personal information processing environments. And instead of merely storing that information in a list, Stackray shows it to you in the context of your total architecture.


Digital Transformation

A transformation partner that unites business and tech


Digital transformation is doomed to failure without proper alignment of  business objectives and technical requirements. But how can you manage what you can’t see? All-too-often decision makers are locked out of the black box of technology, making that alignment very difficult to achieve.

Because Stackray gives you both high-level (data centers, service groups, applications) and low-level (devices, processes, files, sockets), companies can unite around a single view of the truth. This helps to bring business and tech functions together so that they can develop a powerful *and achievable* digital vision.



A single view of systems to unite Dev and Ops


Moving towards a DevOps-centric organization requires more than just embracing the concepts. Unless Dev and Ops share the same reality they’re destined to live in separate silos forever and make the same mistakes they’ve always made.

Stackray gives DevOps organizations a way to share a single view of the entire architecture as well as a unique way to stay on top of highly dynamic systems.


Cloud Migration

An unparalleled roadmap for your cloud migration


Moving any complex system to the cloud can be a massive undertaking fraught with risk that sucks up lots of time and energy from key technical team members. Doing it right often requires weeks or months of effort and even then companies are often unsure that they are on top of all the details.

Stackray automates that discovery process so that you can focus on your migration path rather than your steady-state. But insights don’t end with your initial due diligence efforts— Stackray enables you to visualize your evolving system and analyze how those changes have impacted risk, cost and performance metrics.