Stackray Expert Assessments deliver action plans for your hardest IT problems

Written and interactive reports that combine Stackray with world-class experts to help you cut cost, risk and downtime:

  • No installations or software licenses required

  • Time to insight in days, not weeks or months

  • Reports that offer deep discovery + concrete action plans


Cloud Migration Assessment

Cloud migration analysis designed to save time and money


Moving your existing software systems to the cloud is a daunting undertaking. The promise of increased flexibility, focus and agility has to be balanced with the risks and costs of migration.

Stackray’s Cloud Migration Assessment is designed to arm you with the information and analysis required to make a successful move to the cloud. Here’s what you get:

  • A comprehensive baseline architecture map, from top to bottom. 

  • A recommended migration pathway, detailing risks and rewards

  • An analysis of how current costs will compare to future costs

And if you like, we can update this assessment along your migration journey so you have an accurate change record every step of the way.


Cloud Cost Assessment

Drive cloud cost efficiency and allocation logic


For complex systems running on the cloud, understanding your spiraling costs can be an extremely complex task. Existing cost management tools give you a high-level view, but don’t expose underlying cost drivers.

Stackray’s Cloud Cost Assessment puts your costs in the context of an architectural diagram, allowing you to see exactly which software services are infrastructure components are driving your costs. Here’s what you get:

  • An architectural cost map, showing cost drivers at a highly granular level

  • An analysis of cost drivers and potential cost-savings measures

  • An assessment of potential costs on alternative cloud platforms

Stackray’s Cloud Cost Assessment helps you get on top of your cloud bills quickly and easily.


GDPR Risk Assessment

Tie business processes to IT realities to get on top of GDPR Risk


A typical GDPR compliance program focuses on privacy processes, policies and business process mapping, but leaves out most details about how underlying IT systems store and manipulate personal information.

Stackray’s GDPR Risk Assessment solves this by automatically mapping the entire data processing environment, and offering and analysis of its inherent risks. Here’s what you get:

  • A complete mapping of the GDPR data processing environment 

  • An analysis of how IT systems relate to existing business processes

  • A risk assessment of the existing data processing environment, with suggested remediation steps

Getting on top of GDPR requires knowing not only what should be happening, but what is happening. Stackray empowers that.


Quality and Stability Assessment

A benchmark and playbook for increased software system quality


How do managers understand the quality of the software systems they depend on today? With the increasing complexity and dynamism of modern systems, even highly capable technical managers often struggle to measure design quality.

Stackray’s Quality and Stability Assessment gives you a benchmarking tool to measure quality across teams and vendors. Here’s what you get:

  • A complete system architecture map, from top to bottom

  • An expert assessment of architectural weaknesses, from a quality and stability standpoint

  • A list of potential changes that would increase its inherent system design quality

When everything else is measured, why leave quality out?

Minimize internal effort while you maximize actionable insights

Here’s how it works:

Analyst Briefing
We assign one or more expert analysts to understand and focus on your problem. Together you create your first Stackray Model.

Time require by you: ~ 1 hour
Deep-dive analysis
Your Analyst Team will analyze your Stackray Model collaboratively to document and understand relevant aspects.

Time require by you: NONE
Report & Review
A detailed written report is presented that ties to interactive visualizations of your system. Concrete action items are presented and discussed.

Time require by you: ~2 hours